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July 28, 2012

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    Welcome to this archive of genealogical and historical information relating to the Sinclair family. This web site includes a wealth of information about the Sinclair family and its history, including its origin as the St. Clair line in Normandy; the migration and settlement of the Sinclairs in the north of Scotland; and its incarnation under the name Sinkler in the colonies of the New World. I hope that you find something of interest here.

    I am always interested in contributions of material to this Web site as it is my hope to archive as much historical and genealogical information here as I possibly can. I've had several wonderful contributions to this site already. You can find out more about this at the Submissions Page.

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Family History

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Guest Book
      There are numerous entries in the Guest Book from Sinclairs interested in tracking down genealogical information. You may find something of particular genealogical interest or assistance in the Guest Book so it may be worth your time to browse through it. By signing the Guest Book with inquiries on specific names you are searching on, you might receive assistance from someone who views your entry.

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      Here's an assortment of unrelated items that don't really fit neatly into any one category but ought to be here to make this site complete.

     Disclaimer and copyright information: I am not a genealogist but am interested in the history of the Sinclairs and the Sinclair family name. The genealogical material at this site is believed to be accurate but may contain oversights, misstatements, or just plain old mistakes. In the event that any inaccuracy is noted or suspected, I would very much appreciate a note to that effect in order to correct any errors. I have prepared most of the information at this site but have also formatted non-original materials from various sources for web viewing. The source of some of the non-original materials is unknown to me. Copyright to all material not original to this site is retained by its author or preparer and all copyrights will be honored. Please send copyright or other inquiries to paul[DOT]sinclair[AT]kingcrest[DOT]com.


All original materials at this site Paul A. Sinclair.
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